After a two-year break, one of the UK’s most exciting DJ/Producers, Tazer is back with ‘Rave Slave’ that showcases the hypnotic and twisted bassline, garage vibes and sexy vocals that helped him to win widespread acclaim with ‘Wet Dollars’ and ‘Vibrate’. We met up to chat with Tazer…


Hi Tazer, it’s over two years since your last release. What’s happened since then?

Hello! Ah the last 2 years have been crazy. I’ve pretty much been non-stop on the road doing shows and spending time in the studio. I really wanted to make sure I had a strong follow up and body of work before I released more music so I’ve just been honing my craft and prepping for my forthcoming releases.

You have just released the ‘Rave Slave EP’. Tell us about the EP and what inspired it?

It’s quite a funny one actually. I was performing at a ski festival in the alps and I took it upon myself to take skiing lessons and head out on the slopes. One thing lead to another and then I pretty much found myself almost dying, haha! So after that, I decided I will confine myself to my suite and make music, and then Rave Slave was born!

What can people expect from your forthcoming releases?

A lot of “Tazer sounds”! Rolling baselines and provocative drums, along with some amazing features from some artists who I am really excited for you to hear.

How does it feel following up such massive tracks as ‘Wet Dollars’ and ‘Vibrate’?

It feels like a solid follow up to both of those tracks. I feel as if I can hear a natural progression to my music that is going in a direction that that I want it to as opposed to it being forced. Also, the fact that I could play these tracks back to back without the vibe changing or falling is a really great feeling.

We hear that you were raised on a diet of Motown and golden age hip-hop. Which artists from that era helped shape your tastes?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love the Michael Jackson. I got a lot of my “I’ll force you to dance” drum pattern ideas from him. I’ve been really inspired by the sample laden sounds of artists such as Erik B and Rakim. Also, artists such as Tupac and (of course) Biggie Smalls have played massive parts in the creation of my sound.

What venue(s) would you really love to perform at?

I always wanted to perform at Space in Ibiza. Which sucks as it’s no longer there lol. But I really want to do a show in Sankeys. I’ve played there before in the large room but I have this undying dream to do a set in the basement room there.

Which current producers inspire you?

This is tough! I’ve got massive love for Patrick Topping, Jamie Jones and recently I’ve been playing a lot of Riaz Dhanani. He’s really dope and has some sensational tracks coming.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Producer wise, it would have to be MK. I feel as if we have a mutual love of chopping samples that needs to be united haha! Artist wise, I would love to do something with Syd. I’ve been listening to a lot of music from her recently and I feel as if I have a couple ideas that would be insane.

How do you choose to unwind from producing and performing?

Eating and sleeping, with a side of Netflix and a tall glass of Xbox.

What are Tazer’s plans for the next two years?

More music, more music and more music. I would love to do the festival circuit and also even form my own independent label.

Tazer’s ‘Rave Slave’ EP is out now on Get Twisted Records