Labrinth – Jealous

This is definitely one of my favourite songs. Not only because of the writing, the chords, the vocals, the arrangement – but most of all the overall feel of the song! Amazing. I believe this song should have been number 1 for months. One of the greatest songs I’ve heard in a very very very long time.

Labrinth – Jealous


Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

I’m a massive Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones fan. I think I used to listen to this track and watch the music video almost everyday when I was a toddler. The groove, the bassline, the arrangement and the feeling of the song. It’s a feeling that just never gets old. Every time it comes it just makes me want to sing along and dance. This was one of the songs that my mum would play at every family party and force me to dance to and I’ll just bust out the moonwalk.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Official Video)


JAY-Z – Song Cry

One of my favourite hip hop tracks from one of my favourite rappers and produced by one of my top 5 producers. I love the way Kanye flips the sample and creates the right feeling and mood for Jay Z to tell his story. Dope.

JAY-Z – Song Cry


So Solid crew – 21 Seconds

The London boy sing along anthem! This is one of the songs that got me into making my own music. Before I started producing and writing music I was a grime MC and this is the song that started that journey. Good times, good stuff.

So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds (Official Video)


James Blake – Retrograde

Every time I hear this song It just makes me zone out. The production is amazing, especially when that synth comes in. I believe that if a song can change your mood, it’s a great song. This is definitely one of those tracks.

James Blake – Retrograde


Kanye West – Power

This man is a genius! I love sampling music and like to think that it’s one of my strong points. When it comes to sampling music I think Kanye West is one of the best to do it. I’ve learned ALOT about sampling just from listening to his music.This track is one of my favourites from him, the way the put the samples together, the the percussion, and then the lyrics and the flow. Absolute fire!

Kanye West – POWER


Missy Elliot – Lick Shots

Another one of my top 5 hip hop artists and producers. The production and the flow on this is really dope. Timbaland and Missy are definitely a big influence on me when it comes to creativity and being different. Before I made music I used to dance and this was one of those tracks that used make me zone out when it came on. Good times, good stuff.



Marshal Jefferson – Move Your Body

Classic house anthem! This track is such a vibe. I love the feeling and the the rhythmic chords. Vibes!



Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child

One of my favourite EDM tracks from my favourite dance supergroup. The feeling that the lyrics and the production create on this is fire.

Swedish House Mafia – Don't You Worry Child ft. John Martin


Hot Natured & Ali Love – Benediction

One of my top 10 favourite deep house track. This track sounds like the sunset at Cafe Mambo. Absolute vibes.

Hot Natured & Ali Love – Benediction (Full Length) – Hot Creations