Thomas Newson

A stunning 12 months for the Dutch boy wonder continues with the mighty ‘Bells At Midnight’

Interview by Dan Prince


Thomas a big festive welcome back to DMCWORLD – where are you today?

“I’m in the studio, trying some new things with my sound as well as finishing new tracks!”

An exciting time for you right now with the release of your brand new ‘Bells At Midnight’ tune. A beautiful record featuring Melanie Fontana that you conjured up with Otto Orlandi. Please talk us through the history and sound of the track…

“The topline from Melanie was written, which we received. Otto send me a first demo, which I totally fell in love with so I decided to finish it.

We love Melanie Fontana, the powerhouse from Conneticut. When did she first appear on your radar?

“I loved her work on that track she did with John Dahlback, ‚’Fireflies’. Such an amazing voice…and the hookline was amazing.”

Social media obviously plays a huge part of a producer’s life in 2014, it’s a blank canvas where clubbers around the world can slate or love you. Comments on the new track range from “the young talent is really making his progress towards the stars” to “same as Aerreo – Meteorite, even the same intro”. How rewarding/difficult is it to take the feedback?

“Well, It’s difficult sometimes. It’s almost like there are 3 different groups within the fan base. There’s a group of people who likes the ‘Pallaroid’ and ‘Ravefield’ sound while others like the progressive approach with tracks like ‘Bells At Midnight’ and ‘Don’t Hold Us’.  Third is the more techy approach with ‘Blizzard’, ‘Blackwolf’ and my new club track with Jaz von D; ‘Elephant’ on Revealed Recordings. It’s difficult to please everyone, though it’s just the way I like to produce, I don’t want to get stuck at a certain sound. I’m happy as long as I can deliver a performance in a club or festival which has all these sounds!”

What are your big 5 tunes in your box this weekend?

Hardwell & Joey Dale ft. Luciana – Arcadia (Thomas Newson remix) (Revealed Recordings)

Thomas Newson & Otto Orlandi ft. Melanie Fontana – Bells At Midnight (In Charge Recordings)

Dyro & Bassjackers – X (Wolv Recordings)

Blinders – Sirene (Protocol Recordings)

Jaggs – BleepDiFreak (Revealed Recordings)

Christmas is looming, every producer who has had a great year deserves a new studio toy – what is next on your list?

“Well being honest with you I’d be more than happy with a brand new studio! My current workspace is still my bedroom.”

When we last spoke in 2013 you remarked that you thought that Audien and Martin Garrix were two of the best new producers coming through. Twelve months on, who are your two from 2014?

“Hard question! Since there’s so much talent out there! I really like the sound that JAGGS is bringing lately.”

And another snippet from our last interview, if you were throwing a house party the first 4 DJs you’d book back then were Hardwell, Dyro, Dannic and John Martin. Who would you add to that list now that you have travelled the world a bit…?

“I’m a big fan of Calvin Harris, so I’d go for him!”

Loved your photo option you gave your followers on Facebook a few weeks back. A) The Studio. B) DJing to 10,000 people. Which one do you always pick?

“Haha, tricky! But I’m confident that A, the music is most important. Without music there won’t be any gigs.”

Best DJ gig of 2014?

“Without a doubt Tomorrowland! I played a set at the talent stage and got to do an additional 2 hour set at Ferry Corsten’s ‘Full On’ stage as Audien’s flight got cancelled. We finished it with a b2b set with Ferry which was a lot of fun!”

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

“I’ve got a new track with Bassjackers which I’m really hyped about. Besides that there are some other collabs on the way as well as new singles with vocals that I’m extremely looking forward to play it in the clubs and at festivals!”

Your favourite on tour story you cannot stop telling people from the last 12 months…

“Haha I’m still amazed by the fact that a lot of people decided to bring a flute to my gigs!”

Record of the year?

“I truly enjoy every time I play Calvin Harris – Blame, as well as my own remix for Hardwell & Joey Dale ft. Luciana – Arcadia.”

Saw that photo of you on your ‘Boring Sunday’ a few weeks back. So away from the studio, what do you do to chill out?

“I like to hang out with friends, playing a match of Call Of Duty and asking my manager difficult questions.”

And finally, what has been your biggest achievement of 2014?

“Well, 2014 was the year in which everything was new. I had my first gig, got to travel a lot in Europe and had my first US booking at Voodoo Music Festival. I’m looking forward to my Asia tour this month in which I’m going to hit Seoul in South-Korea, Tokyo in Japan and Mumbai in India. And it’s great to see that the vocal edit of ‘Flute’, ‘Flutes’ with Lethal Bizzle was added to the BBC Radio 1 playlist!”

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