Matador – Play With Me EP

Stop the press! Irish techno don Matador is back, and back with more than a bang! After waiting more than 12 months since the techno world was treated to the glorious Zoles EP, Matador takes the bull by the horns again and fires out this ‘Play With Me’ release that packs plenty of punch and killer vibes all over.

The title track kicks us off and immediately it’s a jacking beat and enthralling driving rhythm set upon us with a clever use of samples to really let us know that the journey has begun. ‘It’s a rollover’ has a lighter more atmospheric intro but an infectious dark bassline and kicking snare beat soon enter and give the track and more intense and hypnotic feel.

‘Almost Famous’ plays next and is a spacey, intergalactic number that has an organic techno sound and encaptures your attention and imagination throughout. Next chapter of the journey is ‘Sunsets’ and after an array of high-pitched softer notes to ease us in, we are treated to a slippery rhythm and a purring bass leading us to another place that’s ripe for exploring.

We are brought to a close with the spiky, punchy and euphoric track that is ‘The Doghouse’. It’s a track that will soon be lighting up dance floors around the world, as this man is the real deal and an authentic mastermind in his craft. A great EP! Roll on part 2 in the spring!

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Rob Chadwick