Stacey Pullen

Trainspotting – Stacey Pullen

The big tunes from the big players

Technasia ‘Octaval’ Cadenza Records

“This track is super smooth & creamy. when i think of a quality techno track, this is it.”

Andy Martin ‘Telekinesis’ (Original Mix) Redukt Digital

“Moody, dark, & sexy with an attitude. I played this in Atlanta of all places and they were really felling this song.”

Mathias Bradler ‘Scart’ (Pawn Shop People Remix) Micro.Fon

“This track reminds me of an uptempo Maurizio & Moritz track from back in the day.”

Emmanuel Top ‘Circle’ (Original Mix) Attack Records

“Loop Loop Loop. That’s all it is but it works sooo good. Kinda Old Skool and fresh.”

Carlo Lio ‘Keep Groovin’ SCI+TEC

“Carlo has been one of my fav producers even before he hooked up with Dubfie’s team. He’s from Toronto which is only 4hrs drive from Detroit so we’re from the same region but it’s so different from each other.”

Slam ‘The Pimp Convention’ Paragraph

“It’s good to see Slam still on top of their game. But i wanna know how they came up with that name. Damn that rhymed.”
Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters ‘State of Mind’ (Original Mix) Moan

“Gil Scott Heren given us some heavy knowledge while rocking a groove that won’t quit. i sometimes start my set off with this track.”

Argenis Brito ‘Trapped’ Tenampa Recordings  

“Yea it’s a minimal track but sometimes you need tracks like this to bring it down and regroup while you’re playing.”
Premiesku ‘O lozinca’ DESOLAT

“Symphonic techno is what i hear when i heard this. This track has many layers and it’s so fresh & clean.”

Telex ‘I Don’t Like Music’ (Stacey Pullen Remix) SSR

“One of my favorite remixes that i had the pleasure of doing. They themselves told the label that they really liked this remix from me. Wow and i was a teenager listening to their music, What an honour.”

Stacey Pullen is ripping up Ibiza this Summer July 6th/August 10th/24th/31st  Music On@Amnesia, July 26th Vagabundos@Ushuaia & September 16th Vagabundos@Pacha.