Patric la Funk

Smiles all round for the mighty German express

Patric La Funk has been sending dancefloors into delirium for over a decade with his energy filled sets at the likes of Pacha, Space and Cocoon, plus his astounding releases including the No. 1 club smash ‘Autosave’ that has established him as one of the biggest DJs and producers around the world. Alongside his collaborations with Feddle Le Grand, the summer of 2012 looks very exciting for him as he delivers his latest anthem ‘Smile’ with long time production partner DJ Delicious.

Patric – welcome to DMCWORLD!  A massive new track coming out with DJ Delicious entitled ‘Smile’…

“Hi Dan, thank you glad you like it.”

Your DJing life began with a residency in your home town of Bochum in Germany – how long before that had you started to DJ and how did you get that first break?

“During the early 90s I started listening to Techno music. My older brother organized Techno-parties with his friends. That’s how I first got into vinyl. I bought some cheap DJ equipment and worked hard to improve my DJing skills. Later, at the age of 15, a local fashion store hired me as DJ, and that’s how I started earning money with DJing.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

Patric la Funk & DJ Delicious – Smile (Original / Dub)
Deniz Coyu – Bong
Alter Ego – Rocker (Patric la Funk + Dohr & Mangold Rmx)
Knife Party – Rage Valley
Hardwell – Three Triangles
Kurd Maverick – Hell Ya
Quintino – Epic Bootleg
Skrillex – Breakin a sweat (Zedd Rmx)
Lykke Li – I follow rivers (Artistic Raw Bootleg)
Fedde le Grand & Patric la Funk – Take me home

Many of today’s producers like to spread their releases across many labels, different songs suit different markets maybe? What was the main reason you signed an exclusive international label deal with EMI Music?

“After having worked with many cool and much respected club labels in the past such as Toolroom, Doorn, Mixmash and Spinnin to mention a few,  I can say that working with a legendary record company such as EMI is a great opportunity if you want your music to be heard by a bigger audience. We really hope that our songs will work well and it would be very cool to release a whole artist album together with EMI/Positiva.”

In 2011 you admitted that ‘Autosave’ put you back on the map of electronic music after a year of quietness and finding your new sound. Why did you think you needed a new sound?

“Well, I mean it’s always a kind of development you have to go through as an artist. I started with Techno, Acid later, Dance, House and did a lot of Techhouse stuff during the past year. But last year I felt that it was time to go back to my roots and I started working again on more melodic stuff, the kind of music that inspired me at the beginning of the 90s. So I did ‘Tenderloin’ ‘Blizzard’, ‘Time and Time Again’ and this year ‘Smile’ of course. I think ‘Smile’ is a mixture of all my influences from the past years.”

You have brought us some massive tunes with Mr Fedde Le Grand – how did you two first hook up?

“I toured a lot with Fedde in the past few years. We spent much time together and became good friends. Last year we released ‘Autosave’ – producing together in the studio worked really well for both of us. We actually went back to the studio this spring and the result is a great vocal track – I am really excited to see what kind of feedback we will get for this track! Actually the first time I met Fedde was at a festival in Germany. We had a lot of fun.”

One of the things DMC loves about you is your philosophy on producing – you like to see how others work, take something from that and give something back. So who in the EDM world at the moment are you taking inspiration from?

“There are a lot of names from different genres. Sometimes it’s the melody and the harmonics sometimes the beats, sometimes the mixing. It’s great to see so many awesome producers like Fedde, Deniz Koyu, Axwell, Zedd, Umek and Whebba. As you can see I listen to a lot of different music.”

Looking back – what has been the most satisfying release to date?

“Back in the days I think ‘Restless’ or ‘Icicle’ and last year of course ‘Autosave’.”

What did your family think of your choice of career – was there perhaps another job path you may have gone onto?

“I think they still don’t know what I am doing! But no, there was no other option for me than becoming a DJ/producer. However what I really like to do as a hobby is cooking. My father has a restaurant and I love to see the parallels to my work producing in the studio. Experimenting with new things, always trying to satisfy the audience/ guests either with music or with food.”

What is the greatest record you have ever played to a dancefloor?

“Omg. There are too many great records that I have played in the past. But what I can say is that when you play classic tracks or reboots or remakes,  they usually work pretty well.”

It’s your birthday – who are the 5 DJs you ask to come and spin?

“I would go for my DJ family:  Fedde, Deniz Koyu, Eddie Thoneick and then if possible also a lot of other friends from all over the world. Actually it will be my 30th birthday this year in November, so I should start asking them now perhaps!”

What is coming next studio wise from you?

“‘Together’ with DJ Delicious and we have a lot of new stuff in the pipeline for EMI.  Also my new track with Fedde will be released after the summer and I am working on a new track with Deniz Koyu.”

What has been your favourite ever club you have rocked?

“I loved Ministry in London and Space in Ibiza a lot. But I think my favourite venues are festivals or outdoor events.”

What is the craziest request you have ever had from a clubber whilst playing?

“I can’t really remember a crazy request – but I get the “can you play Hip Hop” or “can you play Gaga” requests, which are pretty annoying requests.”

And finally – what is your summer anthem?

“‘Smile of course'”