Trainspotting with CHRS

Hailing from Catania, CHRS is a DJ, producer and sound engineer who has been shaping the techno landscape since 2008.  CHRS’s dynamic productions and captivating DJ sets have led him to perform at various prestigious international festivals and clubs. His notable appearances include Tresor West in Dortmund, Phase 2 Festival in Catania, With Love Festival at Afrobar, Industrie, and Glitch Festival in Malta, as well as Blackworks in Madrid, among others. Presently, CHRS is a resident DJ for the With Love collective in Catania. He is at the forefront of PHASE 2, renowned as the premier Techno Event Series and Record Label in Italy. As its leading artist and Label Manager, CHRS continues to shape the techno scene, infusing it with his unique blend of rhythms and beats. As his ‘In The Darkness EP’ drops on Artcore Records, DMCWorld go Trainspotting with CHRS.

CHRS – Depth Coefficient Acid

One of my most listened to hit tracks, acid sounds and breakbeat come together to give energy and movement to the listener.

Depth Coefficient Acid

B2 – Anatomy (NineTimesNine)

Hard techno track with hardcore influences, combinations that create a lot of energy on the dance floor.

B2 - Anatomy [NTNB002]

Loskow – State of Confusion

Experimental sounds and hard kick, a wicked and overwhelming loop.

State Of Confusion (Original Mix)


Track that I often play with sudden changes and musical gaps full of energy, I love the vocal.

Junkie Kid & Omaks – Hey DJ

The two producers never make mistakes, a fast, hard track with explosive kick changes that transform into psy in some moments, never rest until the end.


Frank Beat – Rock The Bass

Track with very hard and hard sounds. They remind me a lot of the productions of the 90s, a mix of hardcore, hardstyle and hard techno that create a unique energy, especially on the dance floor.

Rock The Bass (Original Mix)

CHRS – Austenite

One of the most exciting productions I’ve done, a mix of acid techno and sentimental melodic lines, a journey into the past while remaining in the present.

CHRS - Austenite (Original Mix)

CHRS – Hard Changes

A track created in a moment particularly full of changes but at the same time full of hope, gives me a lot of energy.


 elMefti, Holy Priest, FACELESS (DE) – F*** This

A track created to break the dance floor, bad and with sudden hard sounds.

elMefti, Holy Priest, FACELESS (DE) - F*** This [RVSD050]

Mahtal – All In This

Speed and hard speed and bad sounds, very traveling breaks, hardstyle sounds and super energetic drops.

Mahtal - All In This (Original Mix)

CHRS ‘In The Darkness EP’ is out now on Artcore Records.