Trainspotting With KELLINI

Since the Noughties, Norwegian DJ and Producer Kjetil Lagesen has been honing his performance and production talent under his artist name KELLINI. On the performance side, KELLINI is known for his chugging, deep and groovy Nu-disco, House and melodic Electronica productions and dizzying DJ sets across Europe. As he reveals a new, harder edged, Melodic-Tech and electronica sound on his releases, ‘Garden Work’ and ‘In Between EP’ for HOT GROOVERS, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with KELLINI.

Paul Ursin – Antiskating – Nonstop

This track has a massive bassline, no wonder it’s called Antiskating.  The drums are big and groovy, it doesn’t need any more elements to keep the track interesting.

Paul Ursin - Antiskating (Original Mix)


This was one of those projects where everything just happened fast, from idea to finished track. At first, it had a much bigger build-up in the breaks but it lost the surprise element and the punch a bit so I went for a more quiet build-up to the main theme.

Stephan Bodzin – Tron (Elax Remix – Systematic Recordings

The bounciness is unreal. It feels like one of those old ejection seats in an old Bond movie. It has a catchy hook and a simple strict baseline. The break lifts the roof off, I love the rave-ish feel after the drop.

Stephan Bodzin - Tron (Elax Remix)

Darlyn Vlys – Swoon (Mulya Remix   – Polaris

I had this one on repeat for two weeks. It just hit me right in the feels. The garage-ish bassline chopped vocals and the euphoric break. Absolute banger track.

Swoon (Mulya Remix)

KELLINI – Full Package – Puzzle Projects

This track I spent a couple of years on. The track was “finished” but it didn’t feel right, so I worked on it many times and finally I had to rap it up. You can grab it as a free download here:

Paul Baule – Hiraeth – Click

I don’t know if Paul had a deeper meaning behind the track name, but it fits the feel of the melody and track, in my opinion. The synth in the drop is so big, it blows me away every time I listen to it. Love the subtle percussion and the shaker that keeps the groove alive. I will always have this one with me on gigs.

Hiraeth (Original Mix)

Cioz – Suddenly Silence – Stil Vor Talent Germany

The title fits perfectly. It builds up and gets insanely groovy like you have to get on your feet groovy. I love all the details in the background, and the build up before the whole thing erupts into this wall of sound. With the right speakers, it will blow your wig off, guaranteed.

Cioz - Suddenly Silence [Stil vor Talent]

Rinzen – The Alchemist – Bedrock

This one makes me happy and sad at the same time. The mystic dark vibes turn into a euphoric release after the break. The vocals, stab synths and groove fits like a glove. It sounds best really loud. FYI: Alchemist is worth googling, interesting stuff.

Rinzen - The Alchemist (Original Mix) [Official Audio]

Whirl Monarke – Footprints – When We Dip XYZ

This track makes me walk barefoot in the grass, it makes me calm and relaxed. The melody is warm and a bit sad. I like the soft pads and swarming elements, and I like how the tension evolves. The low toms together with the short hi-hats bring energy and a nice groove to the track.

Monarke & Whirl - Footprints

Third Person – Return Of The Light – Katermukke Records

This track feels like a sunrise. Big synths, a catchy and happy melody, paired with a euphoric break. The title fits the track.

Third Person - Return of the Light


KELLINI ‘Garden Work’ and ‘In Between EP’ are out now on HOT GROOVERS.