Trainspotting with DJ Myma

Winning ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’ in Ibiza gave Myma the chance to play at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium in2019 and since then things have been popping for her. With box-fresh tech-house inspired sets that include everything from piano house to hissing snares/kicks and shattering house bass, Myma knows how to fire up the dance floor. Dedicating every waking hour to beat matching and testing out new tunes edges Myma ever forward.


“Jazzy Thing” – Bruno Bona

This new release just caught my ear with its classy groovy trumpets and solid intimate jazz feeling.

“Hypnotized” – Audiojack 

Nothing better than vocals used here and relaxing grooving energy with a top acapella.

“Most Rappers” Duarte 

This release on the Techne label is a huge surprise as I know this producer and I’m a huge fan of his sound. He made the inner ”badass persona” alive.

“La Lulu” – Jholeyson 

Celtic sounds with deep tech flavors combine in style.

“Ni Nunca” – Amergosa and Stanley Kubrix 

Crowd teaser with amazingly groovy drums.

“Brazilian Funk” – Meen, Dead Space 

Great example of when latin sounds meets old simple jackin’ house. It’s different and it’s all about having some gold.

“Suave” Sawer Remix – Alex Atenciano 

Sawer gives this well known vocal a different twist. I’ve heard these vocals everywhere but this is a winning deep groove Remix.

“Take Control” – Deefo 

Huge fan of the American label Dirtybird since day one. Daddy Claude chooses the best South American producers out there. This Dirtybird track is weirdly amazing.

“Cafe”- Lex and Wood, Trallez 

This track has been in my box for months but I would only listen to it when making my breakfast. Tailor-made for radio play plus Trallez’ releases are some of my favourites.

“Shut The Door” TMBLV Main Mix – Louie Vega, The Martinez Brothers, Hector

Should I introduce these guys? This track bangs with its little breaks and no graduation – just what I was looking for.


Myma plays at the Candela Sound System Launch Party on Bank Holiday Sunday May 28th at Ministry of Sound. With 4 rooms of music plus Live artists Angelo Flow, Guala, J Dogg, Georgia Scott and A Nahomy. Line up includes in The Box: Candela Records with DJs Jose Luis; Brazilian UK’s #1 Baile Funk, DJWilker,  C Fuego, Jeff and Jovy

Room 103: Tropical Explosion with Johnma, Kevin Rozo, DJ Frank, Jorge Devia and Diego Rocha

Baby Box: House Of Candela with DJ Cano, Ramoss, Marcus Bajjio, Timelvpse and Rabanne