Trainspotting With Nicole Fiallo

Nicole Fiallo is a Cuban-American music producer & DJ hailing from Miami, FL & now making a name for herself in New York City. She has earned a bubbling presence with her most recent releases on the likes of Techne Records, Happy Techno, Be One Records, & HoTL. As her latest release remix of Bergwall & Pops (UK)’s single, ‘Poppin’ drops on Unlearn Records, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Nicole Fiallo.

Cocodrills – Check Baby (Rafa Barrios Remix) – Bandidos

This has been one of my go-to tracks for months now. The sample, the groove, everything about this record will get you moving. Cocodrills’ original mix is already a hit, but Rafa Barrios knocked it out of the park with this remix.

Check Baby (Rafa Barrios Remix)

William Kiss – Like This – Bush Records

Not much to say here except for: what an absolute banger! This one goes off every time I play it.

Noisse – BIGGI – Klexos Records

There aren’t many tracks out there that sample the Notorious BIG and do him justice. But this one from Noisse is a groover from front to back. As a huge fan of BIGGIE myself, I always keep this one handy for all my gigs.

BIGGI (Original Mix)

Tuff London – Rhythm System – Sola

This vocal is something else! It captivates you from the moment it hits. The dark, heavy groove just brings it all together perfectly.

Luca M & Just2 – Sweet Love – Stereo Productions

I heard Honeyluv drop this record for the first time in Miami during Music Conference. This was one of those tracks that grabbed a hold of me instantly and now it’s a staple in a lot of my sets.

Angel Heredia – Energizer – Flashmob Records

It’s hard to hear an Angel Heredia track and not instantly fall in love with it. This one has got to be one of my favorites from him and I absolutely love to play it out.

Gianni Firmaio – 2 Da Bi – Mushroom Smile Records

Gianni Firmaio is another artist that I have a hard time disliking any of the music he makes. His discography is banger after banger, and ‘2 Da Bi’ is definitely one of my favourites.

2 Da Bi (Original Mix)

Elias R – Move Girl – La Vida Es

This record has become a staple in my after hours sets, especially when opening up. An absolute groover to set the mood!

Elias R - Move Girl // La Vida Es

Ramon Bedoya, Belier & Ribass – Aretha – SELECTEDHouse Label

I’ve heard A LOT of records sample this infamous vocal, but these guys absolutely crushed this remix. I love how they brought it over to ‘the dark side’ with a more underground vibe. I actually dropped it at an after hours for the first time this past week and the people loved it!

Aretha (Original Mix)

Carlo Lio – Bailando – Bandidos

It’s no secret that Carlo Lio is the man, and he proved it once again with this track. A perfect sampling of this classic latin vocal which so many are familiar with.

Bergwall & Pops (UK)’s single, ‘Poppin’ (Remix) is out now on Unlearn Records.