Getting Ziggy with it! Huge new track from the Dutch dynamo on Dim Mak

Ziggy’s new electro, big room banger ‘Amilo’ is set to rock festival crowds with its persistent vigor and uplifting attitude. Growing up as a party DJ and a member of several bands has made Ziggy no stranger to working a crowd. Now, Ziggy has earned support from DJs like Afrojack, Martin Solveig, Armin Van Buuren, Thomas Gold, Axwell, Hardwell, Tiësto, and Laidback Luke. He won 2009’s Pioneer Pro DJ Contest and has rocked big clubs all around the world. Ziggy is also enjoying a great response to his tracks ‘Cosmic’ and ‘Orbit’ which have both skyrocketed to the top of the Beatport charts. DMC gets the exclusive interview…

Interview : Dan Prince

Ziggy welcome to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you right now?

”Thank you Dan! I’m in my studio in a small town called Voorburg in the Netherlands.”

A massive new record that is causing carnage on the dancefloors, ‘Amilo’ swinging our way on the mighty Dim Mak Records. Talk us through the history of the tune…

”I finished it the same day I started working on it. From intro till outro. When I had the break finished, I knew exactly what to do with the drop.”

Did you know immediately you were sitting on something special on completing the record?

”Yeah I really liked it myself and started testing it on different shows. After that I changed some parts and sounds and started sending it out to all the labels. Then one morning I woke up and I got a mail from Steve Aoki. He loved the track and that’s how it got on Dim Mak Records!”

Let’s rewind for a moment, it seems your journey into DJ/producer glory has been a walk in the park for you! You began your life in music playing the drums in bands – what style of music were you playing back then?

”I grew up with a lot of punkrock/metal and that’s what I was also playing with my band back then. I still play drums sometimes and I still love bands like Alkaline Trio, Strung out, Deftones etc.”

Your life changed when a friend asked you to come and DJ at a party – I suppose you found beatmatching easy because of your drumming? 

”Yes, I had it under control really quick. I started out playing vinyl so that was a good way for me to learn how to DJ.”

Had you paid any attention to dance music before then?

”Actually I hadn’t. Although I really loved Fatboy Slim’s stuff. But no I never really paid attention to it until I discovered Hardcore.” 

How did you find the learning experience finding your way around studio equipment in the early days – was it all self taught?

”I had a couple of friends that were already working with FL Studio so that’s how I got in touch with producing. I downloaded the software myself and started screwing around. At the beginning i got bored really fast but once I knew how everything worked I was hooked!”

What was your first break into the music industry?

”My remix for Martin Solveig’s ‘’Big in Japan’’ . I got a lot of attention after the release and also a lot of remix requests. A couple of months later I got signed to Spinnin Records.”

What did your family think of your new choice of career?

”They have always supported me in every way possible and I’m really grateful for that! I told them I’m going to work as hard as I can and they gave me the opportunity to do that”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

” ZIGGY – Amilo

  Blasterjaxx – Fifteen (Hardwell Edit)

  Dyro – Go Down

  Ziggy & Dave Till – Venom 

  TAI & Kay – The Thrill (Ziggy & Jamie Westland Remix)

  Dannic & Sick individuals – Blueprint

  ZIGGY – Crump 

  Tony Junior & DJ Ghost – Blow The Speakers

   Headhunterz ft Tatu – Colors

   Deorro – Yee ”

What is your favourite ever bootlegs you have created?

”’Big in Japan’ was originally a bootleg I made. A few weeks after I put it online I got an email from Mr Solveig himself and he asked me if I wanted to do an official release! And it really pushed my in the right direction, so yeah this is my favourite!”

You have DJ’d all over the world, wowing crowds in as far flung places as Aruba, America and Curacao! What is the one city you love returning to and why?

” I really loved Orlando! I’m a true Florida fan. Great crowd and vibe and it was my first gig in the US.”

ADE ripped the shit out of Amsterdam a few weeks ago. What were some of the highlights for you – people you met, parties you rocked, any new records you discovered?

”The Doorn Label night was awesome! The Spinnin Records party was really cool! The whole team was there and it was fun to see everyone in one place! ADE next was also a lot of fun with friends and people you haven’t seen in awhile. And the Kings of Ace party was off the hook!”

We were in the crowd at Garlands in Liverpool recently – tell us about some of your favourite summer DJ gigs…

”My favourite was the Lunacy Festival in Barcelona. 2000 kids going crazy. It had an amazing vibe and the club was really insane.”

Anthem of the summer?

“Avicii – Wake Me Up 100%!”

Who are some of the producers from around the world you are giving high fives to right now?

”Everyone in the Spinnin family of course like Martin Garrix, Firebeatz, Mightyfools, Julian Jordan, Dubvision, Tony Junior, TV Noise, Leon Bolier, Ralvero, Erik Arbores, Oliver Heldens, Suyano and also guys from around my hometown like Loopers, Dyro and the fastest growing DJ duo in the world…Blasterjaxx!”

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

”Take a break after a 2 hour studio session. Give your ears some rest and get your mind off.” 

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

”I have 2 tracks coming up on Dim Mak, 1 on Spinnin/Oxygen and another on mixmash/otw!”

What is the 1 record you wish you would have made?

”’Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ by Fedde le Grand!”

Tell us about your studio set up…

”I have a basic Windows computer by Siemens with fl studio with a big Novation keyboard and 2 krk rokit 8 speakers and a Focusrite Saffire 6 soundcard. My studio recently got a acoustic treatment by Jan Morel! He also did studios for producers such as Hardwell, Bingo Players, Showtek and Headhunterz.”

And finally, gotta ask! What do your old band members think of your raise to fame in the world of electronic music? Do you keep in touch with any of them, do they come to the clubs?

”The lead singer has been my best friend for over 11 years so yeah, we see each other quite often! I haven’t seen the rest of the band for like a couple of years. I think it all just grew apart. But those guys are all great and we’ve had a lot of fun times together!”

Thanks dude, appreciate your time.”

”My pleasure”


Amilo from Ziggy is available now on Dim Mak Records…

iTunes: https://itun.es/i6FL47S   
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1bUUCCm
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1b8GOTd
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/174i25o