So you’re from Manchester, one of the biggest mash up mong-outs in clubland – tell us about your early, home city clubbing times…
“The same old story of trying to line my teeth up after the party from excess taking of er ‘vowels’…

What tunes rocked your boat when you were still wanking into socks?
“Club classic stuff was my boat rocker –  FPI Project, Shades of Rhythm…hands in the air stuff”

So serious stuff aside, where was the worst place you woke up and thought ‘oh fuck not again!’
“Ibiza, semi naked in a bed with a fellow DJ with long hair – and at the time I had long hair too. Very fucking scary.”

Funniest clubbing moment?
“Being off my bananas next to two OAP’s at Creamfields listening to David Morales. What a weird moment.”

Maddest motorway moment?
“Driving in the middle lane following a mate back from a club spewing out of the window whilst my friend had hold of the wheel, then a copper pulling my mate over in front for being on his mobile.”

Tell us about your coolest part of Shanghai and Moscow – and don’t mention any prostitutes…
“If I can’t mention that, then there ain’t no stories worth tellin’…”

And finally, what’s the score behind your new ‘Feelin’ Fine’ tune that’s following up your re-work up Tom Novy’s ‘Supertar’?
“It’s a big summer classic with great catchy vocals with a stomper of a guitar riff in it, its a sure fire winner and a real feel good track. I think it will do really well…”

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