Last Sunday saw what was possibly the killer of parties in Ibiza this summer – yup we are bigging up Azuli’s gorgeous beachside grooves but for the music heads, The Chemical Brothers finally taking to, what is quite simply the best weekly party on the planet… well we’ll leave it to co-promoter Mark Broadbent of the whole shebang to fill in the juicy details. Mark, so firstly, what an incredible day with the famous planes soaring overhead and a brilliant DJ line up with the likes of Jeff Mills joining The Chemical Brothers.

What was the tune of the day?
“Not only of the day but of the summer so far. A tune that after first
hearing Nic Faciulli play it the other week has been stuck in my head ever
since. An absolute blinder that samples, if I’m not mistaken, Sergio Leon –
anyway, one for the cowboys and gangsters amongst us! Track – ‘Hans and
Leena’ by Joel Mull. Get in.

What was your highlight of the long, long but great day at the club?
“Watching the crowd go absolutely wild when the Chems came on stage, the
sound-system sounding like it had finally been turned on in reaction to
their beefed up re-edits – made especially for the event.”

What has been your best, We Love…moment of the Ibizan year?
“Seeing all the hard work of the previous few months coming together and
realizing that the sleepless nights I’d spent wondering if anybody would
come again this summer were totally unfounded.”

What did The Chems think of your show you put on brilliantly every week?
“They f*cking loved it”

Next up for We Love…?
“Holidays in the sun!”  —  UpLive