10 Years Of Digital Traffik – Vol.2 (Digital Traffik) (20/06)

Digital Traffic has now been dictating trends for ten whole years. To celebrate their impact on the dance floor the label has put out two top compilations, and this second one is even stronger than the first, with four tracks from Basti Grub, Malatoid, Supernova and Bimas all offering a window into the sort of sounds that have made this imprint so essential.

First to go is Supernova with Light Up, which is a no messing and main room house cut with forceful drums and lots of squelchy percussion. Rippling melodies rain down from up top and really get you going. Bats Grub then comes correct with another tight percussive effort that is barreling and groove driven with slick rubber drums and atmospheric vocals and hand claps really making it feel like a party. For Bimas’ contribution he goes heavy on some bulky and macho house drums with Breakstone, which rocks back and forth on its heels and cannot fail to make an impact on the floor. Last but not least, Malatoid slips down into more skill and synthetic minimal territory with chattery claps and spooky synths making for a cool groove. Once again then this label has proven its worth amongst the day’s best.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming