2 Bad Mice – Gone Too Soon – Sneaker Social Club

Being an oldskool junkie, I nearly fell off my chair when i saw a new release from 2 Bad Mice! Bombscare, Hold It Down and Waremouse helped my cement my own personal love for rave music back in the 90s along with the rest of the Moving Shadow releases, they were just unstoppable! As to be expected there is nothing new on offer in terms of style and sound but what is guaranteed is a staunch trip down memory lane and some fantastic 92 rave vibes! It’s a winning formula with hectic breakbeats, live scratching (DJ Faydz), feel-good piano chords (Davos) and classic sampled vocals and is a great tool for DJ”s trying to add something new to an oldskool hardcore or jungle set! Great fun all round! 

Reviewed by: Nick Coles 


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