As if Deadmau5 really needs any more column inches right now? However, Today see’s the arrival of the much talked about and self dismissed album W:/2016ALBUM/. It has to be said that this album really does (for me) lack focus or any kind of progression I’m sad to say. The track titles are amusing but the brief foray into hip hop for me just doesn’t connect. However, that’s not to say there isn’t some great new Deadmau5 material present. The obvious standouts for me are the sweet melodic electro-prog numbers ‘Let Go’ and opener ‘4ware’ both right up there with that classic Mau5 sound that we all went nuts about! Imaginary Friends is also a well-honed peak timer that is sure to smash the arenas but I just can’t help feel that this album from one of the greatest ever producers of electronic music could’ve been so much more! 

Reviewed by: Nick Coles 


deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz – Let Go (Extended Edit)