Afrobrotherz ‘Drumsoul Music EP’ (AFROCENTRIC)

The Centric label used to be one of the most reliable ones when it came to top quality House Music with a more underground appeal, without losing a touch of Soul. Now label don Cory Centric reveals the 2nd signing for his brand new Afrocentric label showcasing talent from the African continent with the stunning ‘Drumsoul Music EP’ from Afrobrotherz. This talented duo own a magical sound which is classy, cinematic and raw. Their organic afrocentricities, enchanting melodies and mesmerising rhythms resonate across the 3 beautiful sun-drenched productions on this superb debut EP. Afrobrotherz, aka DJ Click DrumSoul and DJ Mohamed, are two friends who grew up together in Mpumalanga, South Africa at a place called Vezubuhle -meaning ‘show the beauty’. Joining forces in 2010, this EP reflects the here and now production wise, which is really worth a check if you like summery Afro House. My personal pick is the beautifully executed ‘Son Of A Mickey’ which manages to include some sweet keys over a superb Afro drum and a rather magic bassline. Great!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX