Richard Skelton – Threads Across The River

This piece is so abstract and unique. Skelton is a genius.

Richard Skelton – Threads Across The River


Abul Mogard – Slate Coloured Storm

This piece is a beautiful example of darkness and light. Completely immersive atmosphere. The sounds are on point.

Abul Mogard – Slate-coloured Storm


Lubomyr Melnyk – Parasol

This piece reminds me of Philip Glass. The polyrythmic melodies are intoxicating. A master pianist.

Lubomyr Melnyk – Parasol [Erased Tapes Records]


Loscil – Red Tide

I love the arpeggiated bass throughout this piece and how it maintains its position and direction whilst the surrounding textures ebb and flow.

Loscil – Red Tide


Actress – N.E.W

This piece completely blows my mind. Im still trying to wrap my head around exactly whats going on with the different syncopated synth cycles and patterns. Truly mezmerising.

Actress – N.E.W.


Julliana Barwick – Meet You At Midnight

This piece makes me think of choirs of angels. The notes and harmonies are devastating. Barwick is a unique artist.

Julianna Barwick – "Meet You At Midnight" (Official Audio)


Deru – 1979

I cannot stop listening to this piece. The minimal patterns and cycles are absolutely on point. Immense sense of nostalgia.


Clark – Absense

Clark is a fucking god. Nuff said.

clark – Absence


William Basinski – Disintegration Loops 6

This is the absolute puppies bollocks. It does what it says on the tin.

William Basinski – Disintegration Loops 6 (D|p 6)


Benoit Pioulard – Upon The Break Arch

Pioulard is a genius. His ambient works are some of the finest Ive ever heard. Mindblowing textures and aesthetics. He has got me through some dark times man.

Benoît Pioulard – Upon The Break Arch


TURTLE ‘Human’ (Beatnik Creative)

In 2014 and 2015 TURTLE released two EPs to universal critical acclaim. His magical ability to paint diverse changing landscapes within electronic music gained him comparisons with the likes of Jon Hopkins, SOHN and Thom Yorke, and champions like Lauren Laverne, Gilles Peterson, Nemone and Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music, Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1. Now after a lengthily spell under the radar, Glaswegian based Jon Cooper emerges with his new album “Human”.
‘Human’ is a result of Jon confronting a dark period in his Life head on. A window into the deepest corners of his mind where he has created a collage of moods, transporting you to an introspective headphone experience wrapped in a glow of positivity. “Through my music, I found the way to let the light in” Cooper describes the recording process as being cathartic. Pouring his emotions into multi-layered soundscapes with cinematic builds, climatic releases and hypnotic, rhythmic beats. Organic and electronic sounds are mixed together in a colourful interplay.

TURTLE ‘Human’ (Beatnik Creative) Released June 8th 2017 via Beatnik Creative