We Love You/Wall of Sound chasing those Royksopp winnings with more psychedelia from Northern Europe. This time from Copenhangen with ten tracks of drug-pop wonders that lurch from prog to post-rock, borrowing from early 60s ‘beat’ soundtracks, 70s Floyd and more recentish stuff like Fridge or To Rococo Rot. There are loops in the mix but they play as a band, right down to overloaded guitars, and the feel is more ‘rock’ than ‘dance’. Their psychedelia is boppy with more jangles than drones and they are especially good at shape-shifting – on final track ‘Camouflage’ a long 80s indie-funk breakdown worms its way out of a pastelguitar-thrash-workout. The melodic stuff  aches for Beach Boys so everything is pretty and hazey…nice work.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Tony Marcus