With all things eclectic rocketing back into vogue thanks to – among others – 2 Many DJs and The Glimmers, the time’s perfect for the Idjut Boys to kick back into action. The London duo shares an indisputable connection with the Ghent massive, as ‘Press Play’ is all about lost rare oddities, future heroes, cheeky covers and a sharp sense of flair. Like an ideal introduction to their mad record collection, this new mix cd offers 17 exclusive re-edits of old and new gems, lovingly tweaked, touched up and re-worked. Dan Tyler and Conrad McConnell first got together in the late eighties and have somehow stuck at most times with the anything goes attitude of pre-house clubs but this mix lets them indulge more than ever in their ‘mixing it all up’ obsession. The new funk is everywhere: raw, fucked-up, hip-hoppy (Lindstrom, Jackson, Plantlife) and most of the old-school choons sound as fresh now as they did then. There’s Kitty Grant’s fab discofied re-rub of Chaz Jankels ‘Glad To Know You’, the shimmering italo-disco of Tantra ‘(A Place Called) Tarot’ (Tirk’s first 12” release) and cult classic Harry Thumann’s madcap, bleeping, disco soundscape, ‘Underwater’, updated and refreshed.

5 Out Of 5