Lars Horntveth
Smalltown Supersound

Lars Horntveth is one half of Jaga Jazzist, and his second album ‘Kaleidoscopic’ was recorded with most of the Latvian National Orchestra. If you liked Johann Johannsson’s outstanding ‘Fordlandia’ album towards the end of last year you’ll definitely go for this, though on this occasion it’s one, through-composed track that clearly gains intensity through its 37 minute span, as Horntveth tightens the screw. Best listened to in a quiet room to appreciate the softer textures, it hardly has any beats – but when percussion is introduced there is a pretty strong sense of rhythm. Even more effective are the sweeping unison string themes that bring extra warmth to the cool exterior. When listening to this you could almost be watching the Northern Lights, as textures dance and shimmer – and for staying in music in the January chill, it’s a piece that takes some beating.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Ben Hogwood