After a few pivotal singles such as ‘Losing My Edge’ and ‘Yeah’ James Murphy is now ready to share his own personal vision with the world and is releasing his LCD project’s debut album. The New Yorker has already experienced a fair share of success as one half of DFA – the infamous production duo/label which gets praised left, right and centre to ridiculous extents – so does the album lives up to the hype? Well yes, pretty much. Way more groundbreaking than so many recordings by the bands you read about in the NME, this LP shows that art-school sensibility, indie grooves and witty, intelligent lyrics can go hand in hand. Expect a (more rock than dance) mash-up of angry punk-funk, lo-fi disco and psychedelic electronic pop that transcends all trends. As Murphy puts it himself: “LCD is like a laboratory for experiments on what a band should be”.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Jerry Bouthier