Yeti Lane return after five years with an ambitious new sound. In the time they’ve been away, Charlie Boyer and Cédric Benyoucef have been busy, working with Can and Anton Newcombe to broaden their horizons. It has given them a much wider outlook in their music, which is now more ambitious in its scope and its psychedelic overtones, without losing any of what made them good in the first place. The large scale opening track ‘Délicat’, with its distorted visions and big vistas, is a great showcase for their sound, mixing glistening synthesizers and dirty guitars, which come to the fore in the blast of noise that makes up ‘Acide Amer’. Despite this there is a great sense of elegance in the way the music carries itself, and in ‘Crystal Sky’ we get a really good, low slung groove. Perhaps the best is left until last, and the starry-eyed ‘Ne Dis Rien’, signing off in some style. There are some great sounds here, trumped by the substantial songs Yeti Lane now have in their arsenal.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood