Alexis Tyrel – a pseudonym for Dutch producer Gideon Hommes – is a class act, and ‘I Know You Know I Know’ is an album carefully stitched together with deep, quality techno. Spacey grooves and full bodied kick drums support very serviceable riffs up top, Hommes creating urban pictures that are relaxing yet invigorating. ‘Consuming Time’ gives you a great idea of what to expect, a track with deceptively simple beginnings that opens out into a nicely woven piece of techno. ‘At The Beach’ is a statement of intent to go further up tempo, ‘Einzelganger’ has a really lovely, deep four to the floor beat, while ‘Timing Out Zeus’ shows he can do the slower stuff well too. Easy going yet tightly coiled, this is an album that can be split but works best in one go. The ebb and flow of its processed beats and organic sounds are really nicely balanced and achieved.

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5