ARCAVES are certainly a very interesting project/band, so we all can be curious about the release of their album set for release in 2018. The single ‘Familiar Stranger’ however has been been released earlier this year and got the attention of a few very talented producers, who went on remixing it.
Definition Audio man Cass opens with warm breaks and rolling arpeggios alongside undulating synthesisers to make a euphoric instrumental for reverb soaked hints of the enchanting vocals from the original. UK legend Terry Francis comes up with a deep, grooving low end, intriguing vocal manipulation and echoing percussion. My personal pick is the awesome revision from man of the moment, Jay Tripwire, who provides hard hitting drum work, spaced out pads and acid drenched melodies for his high energy take on ‘Familiar Stranger’. Jay shows us, what the term DEEP HOUSE should really be standing for once again-I’m quite sure the originators of that genre are proud on his outcome as well. Verdict: A gem to check out!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX