Arthur Baker feat. Minnie Gardner ‘Reachin’ (MIDNIGHT RIOT)

I think we all can agree that Arthur Baker is a legend and saying this I am a guy who thinks this term is highly overused these days. The man from Boston has influenced the whole Electronic world with his countless releases within many genres and is still delivering the goods. His freshest jam may not be his newest one (as it is actually from 1979 and never saw the light of day) but it could well be another signature release for him. Picked up by Midnight Riot label boss Andy Williams the record is now finally set for general release supported by a superb Hifi Sean and Yam Who? Edit who generally stood true to the Original, just bringing it up to date with the sounds of now. What you get is one of those now rare records, which create the late 70s Disco feeling (mainly because the track IS from that time) in a very authentic way. All the instrumentation and the vibe of the track are really special, as are the Loleatta Holloway esque vocals from Minnie Gardner. If you are into Disco, this is a must have record for you!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX