Bibio is well established for his restless and subtly funky electronic instrumentals, bringing in healthy elements of psychedelia, but on Phantom Brickworks he allows the music to kick back and survey its surrounding environment. The approach is an incredibly restful one, adding a different string to his bow as he makes the most of minimal material. The ambient textures, wrapped in sonic cotton wool, are comforting, while the lack of beats and wide, panoramic textures imply large natural spaces. At its best the album has an English charm, especially when taking appealing old piano sounds – such as in ‘Phantom Brickworks II’ – and making slowly spinning loops that circle like floating autumn leaves. Videos associated with the music on this album show off the natural sources of Bibio’s imagination, with particular English natural places acting as the inspiration. For maximum enjoyment, then, go and stand in an Autumnal setting and get this on your headphones. It works a treat.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5


Bibio • ‘Phantom Brickworks III’ (Edit)