The scene is set with a run of emotive and spine-tingling classical piano keys and a featherlight touch on the techno rides. Then a deep breath. And the curtains open on a chugging, percolating hi nrg bass bubble and a string arrangement to match Octave One’s ‘Black Water’ or even ‘Strings Of Life’.  The Black Madonna is kicking ass and taking names here. Easily one of my Top 3 tunes from 2017 so far, The Black Madonna has created a jacking dance off that oozes much class you feel the need to put on white gloves and shiny Mary Janes then curtsey and bow in its presence. It jacks, it bounces, it twirls and swirls with a dancer’s spirit and on such glorious merit alone has surely secured its Top 3 placing in my and many of the Best of 2017 charts and it’s only just March. It’s been circulating for a while now but watch this continue to fly in Miami, Ibiza and beyond. A future classic.