CamelPhat – Dark Matter [RCA Records]

One of the biggest success stories of modern day dance music, CamelPhat’s ability to strike a chord with hit records each and every time whilst maintaining crossover appeal and underground integrity just has to be admired.  Their bursting debut album ‘Dark Matter’ has just hit the shelves, and despite including a staggering 21 tracks, it’s an incredible,  BPM’varied, flawless and super-emotive journey end to end. Naturally, peak vocal moments ‘Breathe’, ‘Panic Room’, and recent prog-spine-tingler ‘For A Feeling’ feature in all their fine glory, there is also a cool fresh edit of their global smash “Cola’. 
It would’ve been easy to allow their well loved-classics to drive this project, but those are just the tip of this very large iceberg. Inevitable future classics arrive in quick succession as Mike and David call on their address book for a whole host of enviable collaborations, including none-other than Noel Gallagher on surprise feature ‘Not Over Yet’. Also check out the sensational stripped synths of ‘Spektrum’ (with Ali Love), ‘Dance With My Ghost’ (with Elderbrook back in the booth) and the eery ‘Witching Hour’, if you like your chunky techno kicks!  Having said that, it’s nigh impossible to single out any particular highlight on Dark Matter, it’s literally all class! Album of the decade!? 


Reviewed by Nick Coles. 

CamelPhat - Spektrum (ft. Ali Love)