Trainspotting with MindGazm

1. Luke Sambe – Rozaball – Mesmerica

This is a journey worth taking at any point, this song packs a punch of deep house, yet filled with so much soul that it transcends the electronic void and brings life to any dance floor. The build and drop are sensory overloads!

2.  Yotto – North – Anjunadeep

This song sets a new sonic plane and delivers on every aspect of Yotto’s talent. The high and low frequencies splash in an ocean of deep pads and ambient chords. Always a favourite for a build up, it is a fist pumping track that will put you in a trance.

3. MindGazm – One Funky Evening – TRAX Records

A genre bending experiment ‘One Funky Evening’ is a collection of funk, rock mixed with deep house and melodic electronica. It is a tale of what happened on a glorious night when Funk and Rock met Deep House and melted into each other.

4. Quivver – Time Go By – Beddig65

This song really makes you feel like you are on a beach and the waves are splashing at your feet. The warm breeze cools your face like the ambient vocals that bring out the soulfulness of the song. The deep bass crashing into the aural plane as the waves end their journey from the other side of the ocean.

5. MindGazm – Dirty Thoughts – Right Now Productions

It makes perfect sense that a musical act like MIndGazm would have a song called “Dirty Thoughts”. This track takes you on a journey of a thought that initially starts out innocent enough, but takes a turn into a sensual captivating beast that can be released so easily just like a dirty thought.

6. Kidnap – Where The Sea Swings Like An Iron Gate – Ajunadeep

A hard hitting emotional piece that really transcends dance music into classical tones and ambient rhythms. Reminding of a grey day before a storm, the distant piano chords and vocal samples cause shivers when blasted on a proper audio spaceship.

7. Local Dialect – Phial – Euphonic Visions

This release from Local Dialect really edges on the envelope of sound. It provides long organ tones, progressive beats and melodies that transport you to post apocalyptic place, where only what is left of life lingers. Then as if the only light, a melody like a small tree grows to make life anew. It is a mix between anxious and free that edges the mind to ponder.

8. March – Lailonie – Ajunadeep

Like a warm summer day this song really brings you back to any warm calm memory you may hold. A warm ocean day or a distant mountain hirozn, a drive to the desert, a long lost love just a wrinkle in time – this song is all of that and more.

9. Avalanche – Avalanche – This Never Happened

Like a pile of rocks, the bass drops heavily on this track. There is no other way to describe this frequency as badd ass. The heart pounding beats take the track from silence to beat interlacing vision of hard tones and the new urban jungle.  A timeless classic in the making. 

10. Stan Kolev – Panevritmia – Outta Limits

Starting out a slow descent into the underworld of ancient instruments, this sonic trip calms you with a repetitive build up. The climax brings you to a spiritual chant that enchants with its repetitive conviction. This never ending collection of beats and melodies is impossible to resist as the sound travels around a multitude of styles surpassing most modern electronic compositions.

MindGazm ‘One Funky Evening’ out now on Traxsource.

Full release November 27th 2020 on TRAX Records.