I literally can’t get enough of CamelPhat and when this 3 track EP landed in my inbox recently I just knew there would be gold within. The title track ‘Deets’ is slightly disappointing and I’m not quite sure why they chose this as the EP title. However, The System is quite possibly going to be one of the biggest tracks of the year IMO! Quite a tough track to place in words and one that blurs the boundaries of techno, progressive and deep all into one. Very reminiscent of a classic Deadmau5 soundscape (dare I say it) but with just so much more thrown into the mix. The Lizard King on the same release is yet another incredible example of CP’s diversity as they take on Jim Morrison’s vocals in a funky tech house jam that fuses cheeky drum hits and fun vocal edits. This EP really does tick all the right boxes!

Reviewed by Nick Coles

CamelPhat – The System (Original Mix) [Suara]