Casbah 73 ‘Love Saves The Day’ (LOVEMONK)

We all know that feeling when you hear a killer melody and it just sticks in your head and makes you wanna dance. Call it disco, call it what you want, this song is packed with soul, emotion and a righteous hook, boasting a stunning vocal performance from US singer Angela Gooden and comes armed with heavy percussion, funky bass, and some serious Rhodes.
As part of a three track vinyl package on Madrid label Lovemonk, New York/Madrid DJ, producer and renowned vinyl vendor Oli Stewart, better known as Casbah 73, goes back-to-boogie-basics on the lead track, along with a B side re-fix by Chicago’s don of the disco edit, DJ Rahaan and a full-on Percussion Jam instrumental cut.
Love Saves The Day is a joyous tribute to open-minded and inclusive clubs past and present with a sly nod to the seminal New York institutions like The Loft and the Paradise Garage. But this record isn’t some banal exercise in faithful reproduction, rather a joyous slice of soul-disco that reignites the spirit of these underground nightclubs, lofts and warehouses. Casbah 73 has handpicked key musicians from around the globe and threaded all these together for a smack-you-on-the-lips belter, reverberating with positivity – love really is the message. And one of the best things about that record is, that it is available on vinyl too and that’s what this record really deserves! Well done!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX