The essential Oh! Records welcome back Claus Casper & Jean Philips for a new track that comes back with a hot remix from Phonique. Before now on this label, this top duo have released a remix of Jonathan Ryno that has over 1 million streams on Spotify, so they sure do know how to make an impact in the studio. 

Infinity proves that with its deep grooves and spine tingling pads. Its an emotional cut that is designed to really suck you in and as it slowly builds through its sunset chords, it does just that. The beats are rubber and elastic when they land and they rally carry you away. The legendary Phonique then steps up with an eve more patient and spiritual remix that is stripped right back to heavenly chords and a dreamy voice repeating the title. Its deep, warm and perfectly atmospheric. 

Infinity EP is out 14th October! Grab your copy here: