ONYVA’s with his extensive record collection has solely concentrated on a – 90’s crate digging classics Back To Mine


Nightwriters – Let the Music Use You (92′ Hardcore remix)

Stone cold classic of Frankie Knuckles, but I love this less common remix. The piano and additional strings and euphoric vocals gives me goosebumps overtime I hear it.

Nightwriters – Let the music use you (92' Hardcore remix)


Timebase – Fireball

What a sample! Also its just so off the wall it really is a cracker of a track. In fact this track inspired my track “Drop this like a Boulder”.

(((IEMN))) Timebase feat. Kromozone – Fireball – Boogie Times / Suburban Base 1991 – Hardcore


Asha – JJ Tribute

One of  all time favourite Italian piano house tracks and treasured vinyls. It doesn’t get better  than this with amazing chords and the sexy vocals are timeless.

A S H A – J.J. Tribute (Original 1990 Version)


Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm

WOW. Another one of my all time favourites. The chords and piano gives me shivers whenever I listen to it and for me is a timeless masterpiece.

Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Original Club Mix)


FPI Project – Risky

FPI Project did a couple of a great tracks in the 90s. For me “Risky” wins. The composition, vocals and piano create a wonderful Italian piano house anthem.

FPI Project – Risky (Original Mix)


Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon

This brings back memories of Gariner playing at “Bugged Out’ at Sankeys in the 90s. When he dropped this and I heard for the first time my head fell off. Classic techno!



Together – Harcore Uproar

Pioneering track and brewed in Manchester! That piano riff, star wars samples combine to make one of the real early old skool classics.

together – hardcore uproar


NRG – Promised Land

I love  this track. The way NRG sample “willa wonka” is superb. A real high energy hardcore track that delivers.

NRG – Promised Land


Pergon – The Deliverer

A unearthed true acid techno classic. I would still drop this now with the right crowd, the way it builds was way ahead of its time. An acid banger!

Pergon – The Deliverer (Original)


Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)

One of my favourite ever house vocals. A true classic that still works today and will always be one of the best ever house tracks. Was really happy to hear Carl Cox drop this at Space closing at about 12pm. It went off!

Mory Kante Yeke Yeke Hardfloor Mix

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