If you like pokey, punchy drums, looped snipped vocals, stuttery synths, cowbells and sirens and house that jacks your grooves, then South London wizards Clouded Judgement’s ‘Right Now’ EP will make you wet yourself like an over excited puppy. It’s a beast that makes no secret of its intention to tear you a new one, then rip off your head to rewire your brain. ‘Right Now’ is a brash and brazen rave off with more front than Dolly Parton. ‘Time and Place’ is a ‘ now is the time, here is the place, cut the mid range, drop the bass’ affair that blows the circuits, vibrates the walls by overloading the speakers and makes the dancefloor roaches brave congregating in the middle. And my favourite of favourites? ‘Tribe’ is a reverse vocalled, chanted, tribal adventure that goes Jumanji on your dancefloor. It’s a mantra for the musically munted masses and there’s nothing wrong with that. They do say that the best things come in threes.