You know how much I like Lee Foss’s Repopulate Mars label. The way I see it, release by release it is building a profile to match that of Hot Creations / Hot Trax and the like. Now Detlef twiddles the knobs for a triple header EP that made me immediately laugh, tweet and dance hard. ‘Swagon ft Ossey James’ has a groove so lit it is almost illegal. Carried by a heavy kick, a simple bassline and an off kilter ‘yo, whassup’ vocal ‘Swagon’ wears its pants low, puts its synth up high with everybody’s fist pumping arms and rocks as relentlessly as you would want your tech house belters to rock. ‘Pump Up’ amps up the bottom end with a kick and roll so fierce you’ll need to take up martial arts in order to defend yourself against the ‘pump up’ vocal onslaught. There’s a rave synth build and break down that would make The Prodigy proud too and that sums it up nicely. To close, ‘My Home’ has that sloping ‘Break 4 Love’ crunchy beat and attitude but twists it like a giant’s nipple clamp with a distorted farting bass that will make you grind on it like a lapdancer on overtime. Each cut stands alone perfectly yet together they make an unbeatable trio. Add to basket.