Various Artists – Secret Love 6 Compiled By Jazzanova – Sonar Kollektiv

For a while in the so-called ‘Noughties’, calendars could be set by the release of another instalment in Sonar Kollektiv’s ‘Secret Love’ series, which seemed designed just for when the cold weather kicked in. After a couple of years’ hiatus it’s back, and the wait has been well worth it, for Jazzanova have clearly been keeping their fingers on the pulse of electronic music that might have folk or disco leanings. Here the songs are key, from the warmly inviting ‘Valley Of Paradise’ of Psychemagik, or Tim Knol’s wistful ‘Days’. The slow disco house of Seconds’ ‘Tell Them’, meanwhile, contains music of real beauty – and with other tracks from Jori Hulkonnen, Luc Cousineau and Love Inks, this is a compilation that proves every bit as strong as its predecessors. Be warned though, there are several earworms here!

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood