Sweden’s favourite house label Local Talk return with a new LP compiled by one of the imprints most beloved artists Crackazat, and he has been given special permission remix and rework a selection of label’s back catalogue for their edit’s series.
Ben Jacobs better known to music fans as Crackazat, is still quite young but already has had huge releases on labels like Z, Futureboogie or Ovum and is one of those guys who can be mentioned in one breathe with Art Of Tones, Fouk or Folamour, who all go for funk fuelled jazzy House music that has become extremely trendy over the last months.
.Choosing tracks that he either loves of feels he can improve with a bit of careful editing, Crackazat has spent time hand picking a selection of tracks that showcase the Local Talk back catalogue in all its dazzling glory.

For those already familiar with some of the original versions on this release, it’s a fantastic chance to rediscover a classic in a revised format, and for those new to the label prepare to hear some of the best house music out there with strong influences from other genres such as jazz, funk and soul. Outstanding tracks on this LP are Crackazats revamps of DJ Spinna’s ‘Tie It Up’ and Lay-Far’s ‘Submerging’. Simply amazing output and a must have for anybody loving his or her sounds funky.

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX