I think we don’t have to introduce James Rial and Richard Burkinshaw, better known as Audiojack anymore, they have been regular guests on these pages and are widely known for their pulsating, sometimes quite deep outings on labels like 2020Vision, Hot Creations, Tsuba or Leftroom. Now the duo is back with their first release in 2019 on Crosstown Rebels and I must say the EP is a real banger. Let’s start with the flipside ‘Behind The Curtain’, a pounding dark industrial affair with a gritty drum section and an enticing groove that sets any dancefloor on fire at 4 AM earliest.
But it is title track ‘Inside My Head’ that is causing the stir- a deep and spellbinding production, woozy and enthralling with a pulsating beat and catchy vocal hook. In fact the used vocal is one of my faves of all time-the 1983 recorded ‘Happiness Is Just Around The Bend’ by Cuba Gooding. Of course it has been used before on various records but maybe it’s exactly that and the clever use of a distorted Wurlitzer piano that in opposition to the driving drum programming does some trick, makes this record stand out from the rest. And that’s what it certainly does! Wicked!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX