When an artist releases a self-titled album it is a very personal statement intent – and for Dani Siciliano’s third album she has chosen to make just that. Siciliano has always been in possession of a very individual voice, and her slightly deadpan tones dominate this excellent record, where she brings together the best of the production values on her first two albums. At times the influence of Matthew Herbert is clear, with some glitchy sounds that edge close to supple, deep house music but tend to stay within a confidential, singer-songwriter format. Dani draws the listener in through the powerful vocal layers of ‘Why’, or the satisfying and brassy ‘Blink’, but in the warmly textured ‘All Of The Above’ she really hits the emotional sweet spot. Hopefully she won’t leave it so long between albums now, because this is an album that really connects in its striking intimacy.

4 out of 5
Reviewed by: Ben Hogwood