The first ‘Cosmic Machine’ was a brilliant construction, and one of last year’s best compilations where Because let themselves loose on some fantastic music. The second is a little bit more subtle, but only a bit – as the period covered by curator Uncle O is the 1970s. There is a joyous and open exploration running through a lot of this music, as the machines used are still in the period of discovery. Among the highlights of Uncle O’s wide ranging selection are the funky ‘Take A Chance’ from Queen Samantha, the strutting disco of Arpadys’ ‘Monkey Star’ – complete with whirling cosmic sounds – the bigger beats and wide scope of Stereo’s ‘Moonshine’, and the laid back funk of Francis Lai’s ‘Young Freedom’. This is every bit as enjoyable as the first instalment, and the implication is that Because could find a whole lot more to make this a really desirable series. It’s a history lesson and space trip rolled into one, as enjoyable as it sounds!

5 out of 5
Reviewed by: Ben Hogwood