The long-awaited return of Daniel Avery is great news, especially if his ‘Song For Alpha’ album is going to be the same quality of music as we have on this EP. ‘Slow Fade’ is a gorgeous piece of music, reminiscent of early Aphex Twin until a sweep of synths brings with it the deepest of slow moving chord progressions. ‘After Dark’ explores even deeper sounds and drones, removing the beat entirely, but then the kick drum booms for ‘Radius’, and its huge spaces. Through the three tracks Avery builds the expectations of something about to kick off, and sure enough ‘Fever Dream’ blasts out of the blocks, using a subtle pitch variation to build disquiet and intrigue, the track becoming ever sharper towards the end. Outstanding stuff from a really talented producer.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5

Daniel Avery - Slow Fade [PH60]