Darius Syrossian ‘Moxy’ (HOT CREATIONS)

Many so called ‘Tech House’ records are being released each and every day and most of them you easily can skip as they are produced in a cheap and cheesy way but still there are cuts around that we need to mention and focus on, tracks that do the difference-even on the floor. Such a gem we are talking about is Darius Syrossian’s new jam on Hot Creations entitled ‘Moxy’. A track that lives from two essential elements: a rather outstanding break, which is quite wired but extremely effective, and a bassline many producers over the globe would be very proud of. Those two elements lead to mass hysteria on any floor I have dropped the track so far. Solid beats and a nice, crispy production do the rest to make this an essential record you certainly will hear a lot of during the next months. Grande!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX

https://soundcloud.com/user-890106122/darius-syrossian-moxy-danny-howard-future-fire-bbc-radio-1″ https://soundcloud.com/user-890106122/darius-syrossian-moxy-danny-howard-future-fire-bbc-radio-1