Detroit Swindle feat. Jitwam ‘Coffee In The Morning’ (HEIST)

After a few more electronic excursions, Detroit Swindle return to their funky roots, which is right up my street.
‘Coffee In The Morning’ is a funk fueled disco bomb. The energy is set by a rolling bassline with a live touch (thanks to Xander Vrienten) and percussion courtesy of Mauskovic Dance Band member Chris Bruining. The track bursts into action once Jitwam’s vocals come in, pushing through with full-on slapback delay, which adds nicely to the vintage vibe. The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and deal with life’s more pressing matters like all the things you can have alongside your coffee. The track takes a sharp jazzy turn once the saxophone is introduced (played by UK bred, Amsterdam based jazz dude Finn Peters), moving nicely between catchy riffs and berserk jazz-isms. Its the full on original that works but if you’re not really into the vocals, there’s a straightforward dub that steers away from the breakfast related insinuations.
The a-side also holds the second collaboration, which moves into NY garage territory. Shuffling 909 percussion, live shakers and snares set the vibe along with Jitwam’s vocals directing you to ‘Move out the way!’. The track is bumping, the bassline is thumping and the crowd could very well be… (yes, it rhymes). The energy pitches up a notch once the synth hits come in and it flows up and down nicely into a section where strings, Rhodes and cowbells take over into the breakdown. On the B-side, Prins Thomas takes you on a 10 minute Scandi-disco trip with live drums and Thomas himself funkin’ on the bass. He makes perfect use of the dreamy elements of the title track, making his version an intimate and provocative dubby disco burner. If you find the energy of the original is too much, this version might just be perfect for you. This is another 10 minutes plus epic journey which underlines, that this man is a Prince indeed.
All in all this is quite impressive!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX