DJ Jesse Leer ‘Position EP’ (Abstrakt Dance)

DJ Jesse Leer’s ‘Position EP’ on Abstrakt Dance is a wonderful underground exploration of electro and breakbeat influences, showcasing the producer’s versatile and dynamic style. The EP consists of two tracks, with the title track “Position” leading the way with its bouncy tech grooves and off-kilter soundscapes. The second track, “Friction,” follows suit with breakbeat-driven electro grooves layered with acid squiggles and swinging breaks.

Jesse Leer, hailing from Seattle, demonstrates his prowess in taking the dance floor on a journey through various styles within the realm of 4/4. His background as a resident of the notorious Seattle Squad Studio 4/4 and Monkey Loft reflects in the EP, as he brings out party crews with his rich, bouncy tech and melodic, minimal grooves. Leer’s releases on esteemed West Coast labels and his association with influential artists like CODES, LondonBridge, and Fritz Carlton add to his credibility as a rising force in the electronic music scene.

The EP is at home on Colin Dale’s Abstrakt Dance label, known for its rich history and contribution to the techno and house genres since 1994. Colin Dale, a visionary UK DJ and founder of Abstrakt Dance, has played a pivotal role in the evolution of dance music. His career spans decades and includes iconic moments such as his longstanding Kiss FM residency.

‘Position EP’ is a testament to Jesse Leer’s ability to blend diverse influences, ranging from electro to breaks and acid, without confining himself to a specific genre. The tracks on the EP showcase Leer’s evolution as a producer with a crisp sound that reflects the raw energy of these classic and unique sounds. The release aligned with the label’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of techno and electronic music, where DJ Jesse Leer’s “Position EP” is a stellar release that captures the essence of the electro and breakbeat genres.

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The ‘Position EP’ from Jesse Leer is out on Abstrakt Dance Records via all digital stores.

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