Trainspotting with Mark Francis

Affectionately known as the Human iPod,” Mark Francis, is the right hand man to legendary Shelter club’s Timmy Regisford, and he makes his London debut for That Perfect Beat this Saturday December 9th at Aures. Mark’s passionate house style is reflected in his 201 Records label, known for nuggets such as Timmy Regisford’s “Lost In The Drums” epic; Stim Dizl’s “Your Hand” and the awesome tribute to the late UK house legend, Phil Asher,  “The Bass That Don’t Stop”.

Ahead of the party Mark Francis delivers his DMC Trainspotting Playlist…


1. “Follow Me” – Aly-us (Strictly Rhythm)

This is the first house record I heard that made me love house music.

Aly-Us - Follow Me (Official Audio)

2. “Resist” – Parisalexa (unsigned)

This a new neo soul singer on the scene and her father is my good friend. When he sent me this song I nearly jumped out the window…it’s so beautiful. Watch out for the 201 Records Remix coming soon.

Parisalexa - Resist | Sofar Sounds NYC x Visit Seattle

3.“Days Like This” Masters At Work Remix – Kenny Lattimore (MaW)

This remix is one of my favourite house records, and I remember the first time I heard it live at Club Shelter and then on 98.7 Kiss FM NYC.

Kenny Lattimore - "Days Like This" (Nuyorican Soul Mix)

4. “Lovely Ones” – Blaze (Life Line)

So when 9-11 happened NYC was on lockdown for months. Club Shelter NYC had this song on their website and it resonated with everyone. I will play this song all day lol:-)

Lovely Ones (Shelter Deep Vocal Mix)

5.“My Spirit” Adam Rois & Mark Francis Remix – Phil Marwood (Soul Sun Soul Music)

My first Remix and also my first song on Traxsource…really my first baby. Thank you Mikki Afflick

My Spirit Phil Marwood Feat. Sandra C. and Kafele

6. “Sandstorms” – Carl Craig (K7) 

So I pass on this vinyl record when I first heard it at the record store as it didn’t grab me. One night at Club Shelter Timmy Regisford played this 10 times that night and all the djs ran to the record store to get a copy but it was sold out. Till this day I never pass up on stuff and wlays give it a listen as I can hear different ways I can use it.

Carl Craig - Sandstorms

7. “Rushing” Mood II Swing Dub – Loni Clark (Nervous)

I had my first radio and I turned on 107.5 WBLS live at Club America and I heard this song. Loni was performing it live. Ask any young was like whoooaa!

Loni Clark - Rushing (Mood II Swing Dub)

8.“Resting Place” – Aaron K Gray & Mark Francis (Quantize)

My first big house record hit. In NYC and New Jersey everyone played this song. 

Aaron K Gray & Mark Francis - Resting Place (Mark Francis Remix)

9. “Fading” Inner Spirit Mix – Sara de Sanctis & Richard Earnshaw (Colour And Pitch)

This song came out last year but I can stop playing it. The vocals, the chords, the strings, the bassline…beautiful.

Fading (Inner Spirit Extended Remix)

10. “Do I Do” –   Stevie Wonder (Motown)

This song is a must have in your hardrive and you can close a party with this song.


Househead presents…That Perfect Beat with Doug Gomez & Mark Francis this Saturday, December 9th 2023 at Aures, 18 Leake Street, Waterloo, SE1 7NN. Flanked by resident DJs Rap Saunders, Lee Coffey, tickets available at

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