Drop Out Orchestra feat. Nell Shakespeare ‘Burnin’ Up’ (SLIGHTLY TRANSFORMED)

The guys from up north, Drop Out Orchestra have delivered again! What is probably the biggest release for the Slightly Transformed bunch around Gary Poulter (aka Chuggin Edits) and Ash Reynolds also marks a change of direction for the label to a more song based release schedule with additional remixes.
This at least is the case here with the Nell Shakespeare vocalised ‘Burnin’ Up’, a great uplifting slice of discofied House (or call it Nu Disco 😉 that gets some serious remix treatment from Jean Jaques Smoothie who houses things up a little more with nice added strings. My personal pick however is the superb revamp from Mexico’s Monsieur Van Pratt who strips down the track to its essential parts and puts the magical piano in front! Congrats to all involved!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX