Akira on the A comes in with bright orchestral chords intro as a sub lo bass line commands the break to roll neatly alongside soothing Rhodes making you think your in for an easy ride then the drop comes in full Test style, well formulated amen breaks and thumping sub lo bass lines make for a wicked tear-out number definitely one for the raving crew .’Heavy Flow’ on the flip comes in with a more sinister approach, eerie strings and a dog’s bark that echo’s in the distance create a tense and haunting atmosphere as the deep and dark Reese bass lines slowly build adding to the intensity with acid stabs getting you ready for the drop where it goes off the hook with heavy bass driven breaks and loads of effects and sounds that make you sweat stopping once to give you a breather with refreshing chords and a touch of amen then rolls out to the end this one sure to get any floor moving.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Danny Shutdown