If you like your tech house funky with bone-snapping beats and muscle shearing subs, look no further than Emery Warman’s ‘Soulthing EP’. From the outset ‘Simple Mind’ is a stripped back, rib-jabbing techno roller that rises and falls like a ominous tsunami over a tropical village. ‘Do Tha Music’ is a syncopated, sticky beats treat that feels like you would if you covered yourself in honey then sank into a heated waterbed for a roll around with a dolphin. It trips over pots, pans, low steps and dustbins, taps on the odd cowbell for punctuation then jumps off and jumps in pleasuring all who listen to it with its slithery sub bass, whispered vocal prompts and warm organ pads.

‘Soulthing’ closes the EP with a warped and wavering excursion with off kilter effects that crackle with static and full phat beats that put me in mind of early Schumacher. It breathes and swells and trickles like rain off a tin roof. Already the darling of AAA-listers from Moudaber, Carola and Hawtin, Emery’s star is very much in ascendance. This is proof.

Reviewed by: Paulette