Entshuldigung ‘ Entschuldigung EP’ (word up)

As well as having one of the greatest sleeve designs in recent times, props are also due to the gloriously monikerfed Entshuldigung for their music. They’ve cooked up a four tracker of great electro inspired grooves which manage to traverse that line between cheesy, ridiculous and downright banging, best exemplified by ‘Ting Ting’ which sounds like a gloriously pulsating modern take on the avant garde silliness Yello and Sparks did so well. ‘C.O.N’ is more of a straighter club track built on an imperious bassline and a fantastic tinkling breakdown, a record you could see Erol Alkan or even Dubfire making use of for a lone strobe powered basement. ‘Say it Loud’ is an erratic slowed down groove, whilst ‘Mysterious Downtown’ is fantastically produced and epically shit at the same time, like a weird mixture of Erlend Oye, Dam Funk and an episode of Eurotrash. We can’t work out whether we hate it or love it, but the smile won’t leave our face every time it infiltrates our ears.

Reviewed by Autocycle